• Rejuv Chamomile cleanser 1oz

Rejuv Chamomile cleanser 1oz

Gentle cleanser with chamomile essential oil, antioxidants, and peptides soothes and hydrates normal to sensitive skin.


  • ▪  Replenishesmoisture

  • ▪  Idealforsensitive,postprocedure,redorirritatedskin

  • ▪  Containsnopore-cloggingingredients

  • ▪  Softensappearanceoffinelinesandhelpssmoothskintexture

  • ▪  Sulfate-free:formulatedwithnon-irritatingandnon-comedogenicingredientsthatwillnotcause

    redness or acne breakouts

    Featured Ingredients:
    Algae peptides: 
    This botanical extract from the Hawaiian sea produces a moisture surge as it firms and

    smoothes skin texture.

    Chamomile and Grapefruit Seed and Ginger Essential Oils: These ultra-soothing botanicals calm and soothe your skin, helping reduce redness and irritation.

    1% Hydrolized Algin: Derived from brown seaweed called Laminaria digitata, this ingredient fights pollution in 2 ways:


  • It improves the efficacy of the cleanser by washing away particulate matter = tiny pollution particles 30x smaller than our pores!

  • It protects the skin by forming a marine layer on top of the skin

  • Cleanser

  • Makeup Remover

  • Mask – The longer the cleanser sits on the skin, the more it’s able to absorb particulate matter out

    of the pores. Particulate matter comes from outside pollution and is 30x’s smaller than our pores. This will contribute to pre-mature aging as well as pigment issues.

  • ✓  Has Gluten

  • ✓  Soy Free

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