Story Made in France

The story of the Ducray brand began in a hairdressing salon, with a bold visionary: Albert Ducray.

The son of a dermatologist, he noticed that the powdered water-soluble soaps used to make shampoos had alkaline properties that made hair damaged and dull.
He created his own range of shampoos, called Lik’s Savons, the first shampoos to provide a solution for dermatological indications, and available in individual doses. This was cutting-edge innovation back then!

Albert Ducray also explored a new distribution channel suited to the medical positioning of his products: dispensing pharmacies. His meeting with Mr Pierre FABRE in 1969, was a decisive step in the brand's expansion and development.

Useful Innovation

The first moments of a meeting are decisive: they can foreshadow the future.

This was the case for Ducray's story, marked, in the very first hours, by the power of innovation.

Useful innovation:

  • Based on paying close attention to the needs of health professionals, and on observing consumer needs.
  • Stimulated by our determination , our pharmaceutical culture and our passion for dermatology.

DUCRAY is always going further in its research:

  • 11 patents registered for use.
  • 85 years of useful innovation to offer dermatological daily life-changing care.

Solutions for dermatological conditions of the skin, hair and scalp that can affect us all at some point in our lives.

Beautiful Story