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Rejuv Luxury Skincare

Rejuv AHA Clarifier

Rejuv AHA Clarifier

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At a Glance

Intensive micro peel with glycolic acid at low pH and calming herbal extracts. Removes dead cells from surface and pores to improve luminosity and help clear acne.

How To Use

Apply small amount evenly to cleansed skin morning and night. For the first week, rinse off after 10 minutes if irritation occurs. Can be left on after first week if tolerated.

Key Benefits

  • Very effective at exfoliating dead skin build up in clogged pores to help clear acne-prone skin.
  • Increases skin vibrancy and luminosity and helps even skin tone with glycolic acid and soothing botanicals.
  • Ideal as a step-up product for those who have a history of glycolic/AHA use and no history of sensitive red skin or allergies.


Glycolic Acid: Helps lessen dead skin buildup and dislodge debris from pores. This also helps remove dull skin from surface, revealing the underlying healthy skin. Gives skin a vibrant glow and luminosity.

Soothing Botanicals: Kola, matte, and guarana extracts combine with this medical grade, low pH glycolic to minimize tingling and redness that is otherwise common with high percentage glycolic.

Additional Information

Gluten Free

Soy Free

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