• Rejuv AHA Marine Moisture Créme

Rejuv AHA Marine Moisture Créme

Wrinkle-Reversing Hydrator

High-potency moisturizer with concentrated glycolic acid at low pH visible lessens wrinkles. Skin-firming marine peptides increase luminosity and improve texture.

Clinical testing shows that after four weeks of twice daily use:

Skin smoothness increases 62%
Skin firmness increases 32%
Appearance of fine lines decreases 41%


Promotes youthful glow
Improves smoothness & firmness Promotes collagen formation
Super-hydrates skin

Featured Ingredients:

15% Glycolic Acid: Our pure preparation of glycolic strips away the dead skin cell layer which uncovers the youthful glowing skin under the surface. It also increases hyaluronic acid, a natural water-trapping molecule in our skin that normally diminishes with age.

Algae Firming Peptides: Derived from Hawaiian red sea algae. This ingredient promotes collagen formation to smooth skin creases. It also super-hydrates the skin as well as increasing cell renewal. This results in a thicker, firmer skin. It is amazingly well tolerated, since it is dermatologist formulated to produce remarkable results without irritation.

Gluten Free Soy Free


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