• Wrinkle + Texture Repair

Wrinkle + Texture Repair

Active Vitamin A Micro Emulsion

Utilizing an innovative micro-emulsion technology, this potent retinol (0.5%), blended with plant stem cell antioxidants and bio-mimetic proteins, helps reverse the signs of ageing and aids in the prevention of future damage.

Stimulating Collagen Formation and Skin Barrier Function

Wrinkle + Texture Repair aids in skin rejuvenation by triggering the natural formation of collagen and encouraging the restoration of the skin barrier function by up-regulating the production of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s most vital natural hydrating factor.

Antioxidant Response

This bio cellular antioxidant system serves to block free-radical damage helps protect vulnerable cellular DNA, and addresses the root cause initiators of future skin ageing. Optimizing inflammation management and anti-glycation irritation, Wrinkle + Texture Repair helps ensure the maintenance of the new, healthy skin state by defending against inflammatory-initiated skin damage.

Wrinkle + Texture Repair Micro Emulsion System

  • High-potency vitamin A stimulates the skin’s natural rebuilding process
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action with vitamins C and E, and buddleja plant stem cells
  • Biomimetic protein activation for skin regeneration
  • Micro emulsion technology supports rapid delivery of key ingredients

Formerly known as Retamax™

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