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Vivier Pharma

Vivier V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel

Vivier V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel

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At a Glance

A ground-breaking scar and post procedure gel with Polyamine-DAB® and silicone to effectively repair damaged skin and wounds while reducing healing time.

How To Use

Apply a thin layer of V-STAT® Advanced Repair Gel to the affected area twice daily morning and evening or as recommended by a physician.


V-STAT® Advanced Repair Gel is perfect for use post-procedure, for preventing scars and healing scrapes, burns and dry skin.

Key Benefits

  • Polyamine-DAB™, a crucial polyamine for skin healing and aging, effectively reduces the appearance of new scars while repairing dry skin.
  • This formulation improves the look of scars and reduces redness, promoting a more even and balanced complexion.
  • It replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier, soothing dry skin and facilitating proper healing.
  • Ideal for all skin types, this formulation offers comprehensive scar care for diverse skincare needs.


Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil/Huile Minérale, Paraffin Wax, Dimethicone, Lanolin Oil, Cocamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Glycerin, D-Panthenol, 1,4 Diaminobutane Dihydrochloride (Polyamine-DAB®), Bisabolol

Additional Information

  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Nut-free

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